Will robots & AI take my job?

Robotizados.net provides a search website to help you understand the probability of automation of your job.

By Cristian Gonzalez •  Updated: 08/16/21 •  2 min read

Do you think your job is safe from automation and artificial intelligence? Use our calculator to find out if you need to switch careers or your job is safe from robots.

Jobs by percentage of risk

0-5% Totally Safe6-24% Fine
25-89% Not Safe, Robots are Watching90-99% Doomed

AI impacting jobs

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47% of total US employment is at risk*

* According to the report “The Future of Employment: How susceptible are jobs to computerisation?” by Carl Benedikt Frey and Michael A. Osborne. This report estimated the probability of how 702 occupations will be susceptible to computerisation, robots and artificial intelligence.

This report was made for US job market only, but experts around the world confirm the trend might apply all over the world. Check the report.

Robotizados.net tries to help you understand, to a certain degree, how AI and robots will affect your job by providing an easy to use search website. You just need to search for your job title and Robotizados.net will provide the probability of automation.

Robots will destroy our jobs and we are not ready for it

For every job created by automation, several more will be eliminated entirely. This disruption will be devastating for jobs in many areas.

Two-thirds of Americans believe robots will soon perform most of the work done by humans but 80% also believe their jobs will be unaffected. Time to think again.

Cristian Gonzalez

I have been using automation tools for many years, now with the advancements of AI and Machine Learning I have been more and more interested in this topic, that's why I started Robotizados a website that helps people be informed about the risks, challenges, and opportunities of Artificial Intelligence.